Why You Should Use Server Colocation Services

To save money on your web hosting costs, you may be considering just buying a server or several servers and running them at your location. While you may be able to find refurbished servers for around $100 each, there are other things you will need to consider besides just the cost of the hardware. If you run a website or web-based applications, you will need to have a reliable high-speed Internet connection. While your regular business DSL might be fast enough for web browsing, video conferencing and powering a basic VoIP system, it probably won’t cut it if you’re going to host a popular website at your location.

Why You Should Consider Server Colocation

You would need to upgrade to T1 or fiber Internet, which can actually cost more than a dedicated server, thus negating any savings you would make by purchasing your own equipment and hosting your site and applications on it. There is also the issue of electrical power. Most office buildings now have an electrical installation that could power a few hundred computers at the same time, so the amount of electricity available to you isn’t much of a problem. However, the electrical installation’s reliability might be. If there is a power outage that lasts several hours, or even days, your servers will not be able to function and you will thus lose business.

Using a colocation service provider is a much better choice than running the hardware on your premises (Also Read Web Hosting: What is a Server Co-Location?). Companies that provide server colocation in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world have years of experience running a data center. Therefore, they will have an Internet connection that can support hundreds of servers running at the same time. They also provide a much more reliable electrical power supply. Most data centers have redundant power sources, meaning that even if power from the grid fails, they have backup generators that will spring into action and take over until power comes back.

Using a quality server colocation provider like thegigabit.com will work out to be a lot less expensive when compared to paying for your bandwidth and electricity by yourself. With colocation, you bring your equipment to the data center and they provide a home for it, complete with an Internet connection and electricity. Servers are kept in a secure environment and the network is monitored 24 hours a day by support personnel who will immediately address any issues that could affect it.

TheGigabit Co-Location Services

TheGigabit Co-Location Services


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