What Everyone Using Steam Wallet Should Know

Gamers have several online platforms to choose from as they build their ever-growing digital library of games. One feature that differs from platform to platform is the payment method. This can sometimes be confusing for newcomers.

Steam offers a few ways to pay, including its Steam Wallet feature.


What is the Steam Wallet?

This is basically an online account that remembers how much money you have stored to spend on Steam games. When you make a purchase on Steam, if you have added funds to your Wallet, you will be able to subtract that amount from the price of your purchase.


What does the Steam Wallet do?

During the holidays or on your birthday, a friend might give you a Steam gift card. This will be treated like credit once you enter the code into Steam. The money will automatically appear in your Wallet, which is like a virtual box of cash that can be used for purchasing and downloading your favorite games online.


Can I add funds myself?

Yes! In your account settings, there is an option to add money to your Wallet. This can be useful if you want to limit your spending to a certain amount – or if you want to restrict your child’s spending.


Do I have to be the one to use the funds?

Once you enter a Wallet code, that money becomes linked to your account, and you cannot move it. If there are multiple Steam users in your house, make sure you’re logged in on the correct account before you redeem the code!


Can I get things that aren’t games on Steam?

Steam focuses primarily on digital game downloads. While some other platforms like SEA Gamer Mall also offer physical merchandise like plushes and T-shirts, your Steam credits will most likely go toward buying games.


So the Wallet is a gift card holder?

Mostly. There is another way to add funds that you’ll notice once you get going. Many titles on Steam come with virtual cards that players earn for various in-game achievements. Some players collect these cards and gather packs of them. They are willing to pay a small amount to your Wallet for your cards. This method probably won’t earn you a lot of money, but it can be a fun way to increase your spending credit by a few cents every now and then.


For more useful information about how to use the Wallet feature on Steam, visit https://support.steampowered.com/kb article.php ref 1122-RTSC-0478.

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