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Siemens Water Treatment Systems

Siemens water technologies can deliver the most cost-effective and comprehensive water treatment systems. They cover everything a broad range of services and products to deal with keeping water safe. The offer products like:

• Conventional Water Treatment
• Wastewater Reuse Systems
• UV Disinfection
• Membrane Bio-reactors
• RO Cleaning Products

and more. You can find their products in numerous industries such as:

• Aquatics & Leisure
• Life Sciences
• Food & Beverage
• Mining
• Marine
• Power
• Drinking Water Treatment
• Oil & Gas
• Semi-conductors & Solar
• Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Siemens Ballast Water Management

Siemens Water Technologies developed their patented ballast water treatment system to deliver a dependable and environmentally sound solution for protecting against proliferation of any aquatic invasive species.

Siemens Sicure Ballast Water Management System Site

Ballast Water Management – What you Really need to Know

They have a patent pending system called ‘SiCURE’ which utilizes a physical separation and combines it with proprietary, on-demand treatment from biocides, and is produced ‘in-situ’ out of seawater and has no chemicals added. This system has proved itself over a period of 30 plus years in more than 2,500 shipboard installations.

There are three pillars that make up the principals behind the SiCURE system and they are –

(1). Demand-regulated Control Logic
(2). Electrochlorination
(3). Filtration

and the major functions for the filter within the system are aimed at removing or breaking up larger organisms with the aid of a 40-micron weave wire screen, as well as delivering dependable non-stop operation while simultaneously handling high sediment loads and minimizing the flow of backwash.

During electrochlorination the SiCURE system utilizes proven technology for oxidizing and eliminating AIS (aquatic invasive species) with the help of NaOCI (sodium hypochlorite). Sodium Hypochlorite has proven to be effective in preventing marine growth within seawater piping as well as heat transfer systems for many years.

Siemens Cathodic Protection

Siemens uses the ‘electrodes-impressed current’ type of cathodic protection. Cathodic protection itself is merely a technique used for controlling corrosion on metal surfaces by making them work like cathodes of electrochemical cells.

They do this by placing a more easily corroded type of metal in contact with the metal they want protected in order for the easily corroded metal to serve as an ‘anode’ of that electrochemical cell. Most often these systems are used for protecting steel, fuel or water pipelines, steel pier piles, offshore oil platforms, ships, onshore oil-well casings, and storage tanks.

The Siemens brand is known for high quality, dependability, and the latest in technological advances.

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