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The Definition of Social Commerce

Started in 2005, social commerce is a broad term that has many different types of definitions; however, the definitions are all very similar. This method is the evolution and advancement of social media that helps consumers with online shopping. With the high level of increased numbers of online sales, many business owners and corporations are marketing using this method. The method is when consumers that have similar interests will discuss the products that they purchase using an online format. The online format is the backbone for the recommendations of the products and services. After starting in 2005 this method has become a very popular marketing trend that has helped expand businesses and consumer knowledge. Since the inception of this method consumers across the globe have been able to benefit as well as the businesses that need to sell their products.

Facebook Commerce Explained


Benefits of Social Commerce 
The benefits of this method include the knowledge created by the consumer. Consumers become very educated because they are able to receive info from each other online. The info they receive is from a wide variety of people and it helps them come to a consensus about their purchasing decision. The information about a product can be passed on. A good example of this is when a person uses a specific weight loss supplement. The person can list some of the side effects that they had while using the product, while others can discuss the positives and negatives of using the product. This method also helps people decide on what types of products can be beneficial for them based on cost. Many people can say that a specific product is worth the price or a specific product is not worth the price. Consumers can also discuss the ingredients of the specific supplement and discuss the pros and cons of each ingredient.

Is it Beneficial for Businesses? 
Businesses can greatly benefit from this method because of the flexibility that it provides. Social commerce showcases a business’ products. This method is also a great and low cost way to market products. More and more businesses can market their products online to show consumers their product information and benefits. The business also can sell products from various popular websites. Selling on Facebook and other social media sites will help business’s create more income. The businesses also will be able to sell products online for 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which makes it very cost effective.

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