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How to Screen Tenants Over the Phone

Screening tenants over the phone is an excellent idea for tenants to weed out the ones who are not likely to be a good fit for the property or lead to a successful tenancy. As a result, you will be better equipped to have qualified tenants, hold onto your profit, and protect your own safety. If the tenant does not satisfy your standards for qualification on the phone, it will save you the time and energy of having to physically show the property. When screening tenants over the phone, make sure you ask the following essential questions to determine whether he or she is a good match.



1. Why Are You Looking For a New Property?

With this one simple question, you can actually reveal quite a bit of information about the tenant, so listen carefully to their response. Tenants should have legitimate reasons behind why they are moving away from their current property, such as needing more space or being relocated for work. Beware any tenants who inform you that they are moving due to being evicted or having ongoing disagreements with a previous landlord. Those red flags usually indicate problems that you should best avoid altogether. Random updates: See new launch Duo Residence Condo in Singapore


2. When Would You Be Moving In?

If the prospective tenant has been renting, remember that most landlords require tenants to give a minimum of 30 days notice before terminating a lease. Therefore, if a tenant responds that they are ready to move in tomorrow, there could be something fishy to their story. Although there are always exceptions, such as an immediate job transfer or pay cut, these situations are rare. Most responsible tenants will begin searching for a new property at least a month in advance of when they are planning to move. Also, inquire about whether the tenant will be able to supply the full amount for the security deposit and first month’s rent before moving in.


3. How Much Income Do You Make Per Month?

Information gathered from this question will help you determine whether the tenant will be able to maintain your monthly rent prices adequately. Ideal tenants will have a monthly income no less than two and a half times your monthly rent rates. For instance, if your monthly rent is $1,500, then you need to make sure tenants make at least $3,000 each month. You may also want to dig a little deeper to find out if they have large sums of debt or loans that could affect rent too.






4. Have You Been Evicted in the Past?

Although it is completely possible the tenant will lie, directly asking the tenant if they have been evicted will provide an opportunity for them to explain any past negative situations. It is not uncommon for good tenants to suffer from difficult circumstances and become evicted one time in their lives. However, tenants who have a string of evictions or evictions for property damage and destructive behaviors, it is not likely the tenant has changed.

While landlords often fall into the trap of believing every word from the potential client, it is important to remember that some may be lying about their history. After screening the tenant over the phone, it is recommended that you seek verification for the information that was given. Analyze the answers for any red flags and hesitations, as well as compile solid evidence on the tenant, such as a background check, rental history, and credit report. Once you have a wealth of accurate data on the tenant, it will be much easier to determine if he or she is deserving of a face-to-face tour of the property.

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