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How to Stay Motivated While Losing Weight

Losing weight is a long, difficult, and often fragmented process. However, many people fall into the trap of believing that results should be immediately visible. In reality, the results come at unexpected times and are often unnoticeable until they accumulate. By following this guide, you will be able to stay motivated while losing weight!


Understanding the Journey

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. Understand that it may take a year or longer to achieve the results that you want. However, this does not mean that you should put if off until later! People often lose a very large amount of weight when they first begin exercising and dieting. This is often water weight, and the weight that comes after it is more difficult to shake off.




To help you progress, keep a calendar and mark your weight every other Sunday. Don’t fall into the trap of checking your weight daily as weight can fluctuate from hour to hour and you may become discouraged as a result. By marking your weight every other week, you will have a stronger and more realistic idea of your progress without becoming too focused on the numbers or specifics.


The Only bad workout is the one you didnt do



While you should focus on eating healthy and maintaining your diet, understand that weight loss is a lifelong process. You should never partake in a diet that you can’t see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Engaging in fad diets may get you towards your goal, but you will succumb to unhealthy eating immediately after achieving it. Instead, follow a steady diet that allows you to enjoy food while still cutting the weight. If you do have a piece of cake or burgers and fries, try not to feel too bad about it. Instead, you should enjoy it for what it was. But make sure not to have too many cheat days!


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Slow and Stead

Make changes in your life and diet that you actually enjoy. Forcing yourself to eat only a carrot for lunch may make you lose weight in the short-term, but you will be unhappy during the process. Finding the balance between healthy and enjoyable living is the key to being successful. If you can do that, then you will be able to enjoy your life as you become healthier and slimmer each and every day!

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