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Form a Singapore Company: Pte Ltd Company

If someone want to form a Singapore company such as a Pte Ltd Company, there are certain basic requirements that must be met. For a Pte Ltd Company, for instance, the company needs to have certain staff positions, such as a nominee director and shareholders. There must be a certain amount of paid-up capital, or share capital, and the company must have a registered address in Singapore. Websites such as provide complete information and registration guides that can help with the process of company registration and incorporation, whether it is a Pte Ltd Company, a Limited Liability Partnership, or any other kind of local company.

For someone who wants to form a Singapore company, it is useful to know about the residency requirements. In addition to having a local address, a Singapore company must have at least one of its directors residing in the country. These basic registration requirements are enough to form a company in name, but not enough to run the company. Basic company functions such as accounting and finance operations need to be handled as well. Certain services exist in Singapore that offer to help with these basic business processes. Company Registration Singapore, found at, offers suggestions for such business services at reasonable rates, and explains the fundamentals of company incorporation in Singapore.

There are two basic steps to registering a company. First, the name of the company must be approved, which should be a simple matter so long as the name is not too similar to other company names. Second, the filing of the incorporation request and all the required documentation must be completed. These documents include a description of business activities, a Memorandum and Articles of Association, information about the shareholders, and several other pieces of information. The website provides more information on registering a company in Singapore, what documents are required, and where to go to find registration services that facilitate the process of incorporation.

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