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Eye Health – Cataract

Cataract is an abnormality of the eyes that cause your vision to become blurred. Proper vision is achieved when light passes through the retina, as part of the process to form a crisp, clear image. Cataracts affect the eyes by clouding the lens, resulting in poor vision. The degree of blurriness of vision is directly related to the severity of the cataract.

Even though cataracts are synonymous with old age, it is not exclusive to senior citizens since babies to otherwise healthy adults can have this condition. The circumstances vary as to why some people develop cataract, and the explanation for this, is categorized under the different types of cataracts.

After being diagnosed with cataract, the doctor will advise what cataract treatment is the best course of action. And if cataract surgery is necessary, then you will be scheduled at the earliest time. A cataract operation usually lasts for no more than an hour, with the patient sometimes being aware of the procedure.

During the cataract operation, the doctor removes the affected lens by making an incision into the eye and with aid of medical equipment, takes the lens apart where it is then suctioned. The next step is to place an artificial lens implant, which closely matches your original lens. Your eye is bandaged and your doctor will observe you for a couple of hours to make sure everything is fine. Cataract patients usually go home the same day.

The cost of laser cataract surgery is a high cost to you if paid out of pocket. The price varies depending on the kind of procedure done, along with the cost of the lens implant, which is in the range of three-thousand dollars per eye and upwards. Fortunately for most people, medical insurance covers cataract surgeries, saving you the bulk of the expense.

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Health Components of a Coconut Drink

There are a lot of different health benefits for a person who drinks a coconut drink. The first health benefit is that was a lot of vitamin supplements in it. The first supplement is glucose, which can act like a sugar would by giving a person much needed energy. The second supplement is Vitamin B, which helps to replenish cells and tissues that have been worn out. The third supplement is Vitamin C, which helps to body to fight off certain types of diseases. The fourth supplement is potassium, which can help to lower a person’s blood pressure over a period of time.

The second health benefit is that the coconut drink can help to stop the reactions to certain drugs that a person might be allergic too. The third health benefit is that there are no germs in the coconut drinks. It is also free of pyrogen, which is a substance that sometimes can stay in a person’s bloodstream. The longer it stays in there, the more likely that a person is going to run a fever. In this sense, it has some of the same health benefits for a person as if they had drinking water with a little more flavor.

The fourth benefit is that it can help to break down kidney and bladder stones if a person drinks the coconut drinks on a regular basis. Therefore, a person is going to be about to save a lot of money on medical bills from the kidney or bladder stones. The fifth health benefit is that it can help a person to stay hydrated while they are exercising instead of drinking a lot of sports drinks or iced tea. It is very important that a person stay very well hydrated while they are exercising so that they do not get overheated.

The sixth health benefit is that it can help to reverse the effects of certain damages that can help to a person. These are especially the damages that happen from a person being administered the wrong type of medication like an anti-microbial agent. The seventh health benefit is that it can help to flush out a person’s liver if they drink it on a regular basis. This is because of the lauric acid that is in the coconut drink. This means that a person who has hepatitis would benefit a lot from drinking some coconut water since it has anti-microbial properties.

The eighth health benefit is that it can help reduce a person’s fever. It can also help to calm a person’s nerves and any imbalances that a person might have with their emotions. The ninth health benefit is that it can help to get rid of any poison that a person might have in their body. As long as the person has the coconut drink within 40 days of the poison entering into their body, then the poison should be completely removed from the person’s blood so that they can become healthier over a period of time. Pop over here to find out how to keep hydrated with a sports drink during exercise.

Healthy Drink Ideas for Kids

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Alternatives to Lasik Surgery

There are many alternatives that a person can choose besides getting lasik surgery. Many people would like to correct their vision impairment problems but may not know what the best option for them is. It just all depends on personal preference. Lasik eye surgery cost is a little bit expensive, and can cost around $3000. If this is something that one would like to go with, then they will need to find a lasik surgery clinic near you. It would be best to go in for a free consultation just so you can see how it works, and get a better understanding.

One of the best alternatives to lasik surgery is called conductive Keratoplasty. This procedure just simply uses radio waves to correct problems such as hyperopia and presbyopia. Many people would like to find alternatives to lasik because they do not like the lasik side effects that come along with it, or they just may not be able to afford it. People can also consider getting implantable contact lenses that one will never have to remove from their eyes at all. Verisyse lens and the ICL by Staar Surgical are just a couple of the surgeries that are considered by most surgeons as alternatives to lasik.

You can always try Orthokeratology and 30-day contact lenses, which is highly similar to lasik but just without the surgery. Many people do not know what their options are until they begin to do a little bit of their own research. Surgery doesn’t have to be included when people are looking for ways to permanently correct their eye vision. These alternatives range from many different prices and are only suitable for those who are thinking about getting this type of surgery or non surgery completed. It takes a lot of research and discussion with an eye doctor to decide on the best option for one.

There are always contact lenses and glasses as an alternative if people are looking for quick eye vision correction. Usually the people that get lasik have already had contact lenses and or glasses once upon a time. People may want a permanent fix but it is not always available so they may have to settle for is best right now. If people do enough comparing, they will definitely be able to come up with some type of alternative to lasik that fits them well. They come in handy when you need them the most.


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