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Your Complete Guide to Gorgeous Summer Skin

As bathing suit season approaches, most of us are concerned with more than simply highlighting glowing skin. Hiding flaws like cellulite, spider and varicose veins, dimples, bumps, and redness is a must before many women will take that first step onto the sand. If less-than-perfect skin is keeping you from fully enjoying those precious months of sunny weather, consider taking the following steps toward smoother, more even skin all over.





Choose a Gentle Exfoliator

If your skin is prone to sensitivity, or if you are simply concerned with using natural products when possible, create an exfoliating scrub at home to use before any event that requires baring a bit of skin.


Ingredients can vary, but sugar combined with just enough water to create a gel works well. Keep in mind that white sugar will create a coarse scrub, which works especially well for heels and elbows, while brown sugar makes an excellent facial scrub. Add a drop of rose essential oil for added softness, or consider adding peppermint oil to freshen feet.


Remove Hair in Advance


It is best to avoid waxing, depilatory creams, and other harsh hair removal strategies the day of any event. Schedule appointments 24 hours beforehand to allow any redness or swelling to subside. If shaving, remove hair often, at least every two days, to avoid unsightly razor rash.


Shop for the Right Moisturizer


During the summer, a moisturizer should do more than hydrate skin. Look for all-in-one products that are firming, fight signs of aging, treat cellulite, and calm irritation. Do you want to know the healthy skin secrets? (see Shakura)


Apply Self-Tanner and/or Bronzer


Once skin is exfoliated, hair is removed, and moisturizer has been applied, a self-tanning lotion or bronzer will help hide spider veins and varicose veins, as well as other imperfections. An added bonus is that tanned skin slims and tones.

Apply a Highlighter

A trade secret many supermodels swear by is the application of a highlighting cream to the center of legs and arms to lengthen the body, hide flaws, and give the illusion of perfect skin. Be careful to apply a product that provides a tasteful glow, and generally avoid glitter products.

See a Dermatologist

Some marks, redness, and bumps can be dramatically reduced with a little help, saving time and stress in the long run. If the tips above do not make you confident in your own skin this summer, see a dermatologist for more advanced steps.


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5 Basic Tips to Perfect Looking Skin

If you want the best looking skin, you are going to have to work for it. Yes, if you want to look good, you have to do more than just stay out of the sun. In fact, to get nice looking skin that your friends will enjoy and be envious of, you will want to follow these four basic, but necessary, tips.

Drink a lot of water: Without a doubt, if you want to look and feel good, you will need to drink a lot of water. In fact, this is the easiest way for you to get the best looking skin. The truth is, with a lot of water, you will feel good and have fresh and radiant skin. To get more water without chugging it down, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as you will get water in your diet without much effort. Of course, to take it further, drink water when you wake up and through the day. When doing so, you will easily improve your situation as you will have great looking skin and feel your best.

The right products: With the right products such as ones from Nature Republic, you can help your situation as your skin will enjoy it to the fullest. Yes, with the right skincare products, you are going to see a vast difference as you will improve your skin, all with little effort. To get the most out of it, you will want to wash your skin, dry it and use the right moisturizers. Then, with the right products, you are going to watch as your skin glows and people enjoy it. Remember, don’t go cheap with skincare products as a high-end one will help you in the long run. In fact, with cheap products, you will break out and watch as your skin looks worse.

Get plenty of sleep: Sadly, in our daily lives, many people don’t get enough sleep. Not only will you feel bad, but you will not live a healthy life if you are always tired. For this reason, if you want to have amazing skin that is the envy of your buddies, you will want to get a lot of sleep. Yes, to get a lot of sleep, you will want to avoid caffeine, exercise and go to bed at a reasonable time. not only that, if you want to get a good night’s sleep all the time, leave your electronics in the living room as it will mess up your schedule and hurt your chances at getting crucial shut-eye.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine: As mentioned, if you want to look great and enjoy nice skin, you need to avoid alcohol and caffeine. Yes, while you may enjoy these things, they will hurt your skin in the long-term. Instead, when you wake up, opt for tea without caffeine. Or, if you need some energy, take a run around the block. As far as alcohol goes, you should look for a natural and healthy way to relax. Then, you will save your liver and help your skin. Otherwise, if you abuse these substances, you will hurt your chances at having great skin in the future. So, remember, if you want to look great, stick to water and other liquids that don’t dehydrate your skin.

With these four basic tips, you can help your cause greatly and enjoy perfect skin for the long haul. Otherwise, if you don’t, you are going to have a hard time. Luckily, if you start now, even if you are older, you will have an easy chance at achieving your goals.

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3 Quick Skin Care Advice That Will Change Your Life

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Next to a bright and beautiful smile, the skin is one of the most noticeable components of a person. The color, texture and vibrancy of a person’s skin can show whether or not they take good care of their skin or if they have a lot of issues with it. When treating skin issues, people commonly identify the skin as oily, dry, normal or a combination. Problems such as eczema, acne and skin fungus are becoming increasingly widespread. In an effort to maintain a fairly normal skin regimen, take a few of these skin care tips into consideration.

1. Drink more water.
The body needs hydration from the inside out. It is very important to make sure that the body is receiving the recommended daily amount for optimal health. Once a person consumes water, the skin is actually the last organ to receive the benefits of it. Water is good for detoxification and cleansing of the body. Water is important for flushing out the toxins held in the body. When toxins are kept within the body, the body will try to release them by any means necessary. This reason can be the culprit behind pimples, acne and other skin ailments.

2. Use SPF all year round.
The sun doesn’t just appear in the summer. The sun makes an appearance every single day of the year. Even on cloudy days when the sun doesn’t seem to be in sight, it is still giving the Earth light to be able to see. Consequently, it is still possible for the sun to induce skin damage when protection isn’t used. The best way to protect the skin from damaging sun rays, use an SPF. The amount of SPF will vary based on whether a person is enjoying the sun on the beach or during a cold winter standstill in traffic. SPFs can vary from 15 to 70.

3. Use a good product regimen.
For some people, looking for a good product regimen may be quite cumbersome and annoying. However, it is worth the search and time. A good product regimen can work wonders for the skin depending on the ailments and/or specific needs. There are lots of skin care products on the market for any skin issue. You can go to your local beauty counter at the mall or buy skincare online. The options are literally endless. Recommended skin care of the week: Banila Co.

These are all really great habits to include within the daily skin care regimen. These practices help to ensure healthy, glowing skin and they also keep skin diseases and ailments at bay.

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Weight Loss Tips for Women

While you may feel daunted and overwhelmed with the sheer variety of results you will find by searching for methods of weight loss for women, you shouldn’t lose hope. Honestly, the best tips to follow, the key points to bear in mind, when looking for a diet to follow, is that you need to burn more energy, i.e. calories, than you take in.

Your body naturally uses up 2,000 calories every day to operate all of your biological systems. Knowing this, your first thought might be “So I should be fine if I just eat less than 2,000 calories a day!” This is flawed thinking. If you want to actually made a dent in your waistline and really lose that weight, you are going to need to burn an additional 1,000 calories. Even if you do succeed in spending 3,000 calories in a day, that extra work will have earned you a whole -1 pounds to your weight.

This caloric math is not meant to direct you toward consideration a starvation diet. While on paper it may sound plausible to the dedicated dieter, there are a variety of other factors that merit a second, or even third, guess. Starvation diets severely restrict your caloric, and dietary, options for what amounts to a very short-sighted spike in progress toward reaching that ideal dress size. Starvation diets also generally leave the dieter’s energy levels severely depleted and, if adhered to for a prolonged amount of time, may even lead to the incredibly foul stench the body generates as it feeds on its own reserves of fats and sugars; a process known as ketosis. Moderation is a term that applies both ways; while you should avoid excess consumption, you should also steer away from insufficient levels of caloric intake.

The best dieting tip that you should keep in mind is that any sort of diet that’s marketed to people only works as long as you stick to it. Humans crave variety and that very craving can lead to accidentally going off of the diet. Rather than going for a diet with a name, or a spokesperson, behind it, you should focus on adhering to a lifestyle. While a diet dictates what you can or can’t have, a lifestyle of modest and varied consumption married to a regular exercising routine can lead to a greater feeling of wellness and control. Seek professional nutri weight loss plan at

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French Skin Care Secrets to Apply in Your Beauty Routine Right Now

French women have been said to hold the secrets to perfect skin. Their glowing exterior makes women desperate to know all of their French skin care secrets.


French women are obsessed with facial massages. These massages maintain a healthy glow and keep the skin’s elasticity tight in order to reduce wrinkles. It also serves as a stress relief which can also lead to skin problems. Even if you cannot afford to receive massages at a spa, gently massaging the face while applying your moisturizer can make a huge difference.



The French do not focus on applying a lot of makeup. Their focus goes into moisturizing and anti-aging treatments. When French women apply makeup, they usually limit themselves to blush, lipstick and mascara. They do not wear heavy foundations or eyeshadow as they tend to clog up the pores and dry out the skin.



In France, women do not use tap water on their skin because of the calcium or chlorine that can damage its sensitive exterior. Facial skin is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of the body, therefore, French women instead use thermal spray water. Thermal spray softens the skin and penetrates into any form of moisturizer in order to prevent dryness against the skin.



One of France women’s French skin care secrets is to simply reinforce what the skin already has. Women often make the mistake of washing their face too much. The women in France will only wash their face once during the evening. If the face is washed too much, it removes the natural oils that stimulate the skin.



Women in America put a lot of focus onto exfoliation. While that is good in moderation, it should be done gently and not too often. Exfoliation tends to scrub off the top layer of skin, which causes the skin to be soft but also damages the skin due to its fragile nature. French women focus more on facial masks to repair and calm the skin without peeling the face.



One of the easiest French skin care secrets to follow is drinking wine. The ingredients found amongst the vine that makes wine are even used for a French beauty care company. Wine immerses the skin through its structure, calms the mind and reduces stress, which also calms the skin.

The French know how to do it right. The most important thing is to think natural and pull beauty from within rather than cover up in order to obtain it.

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