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The Top 3 Hair Styles for Long Hair

Long hair is very popular today, and many celebrities and movie and TV stars have been seen with long locks on the red carpet. But the question is, what are the best styles for long hair? This article will present the top three hairstyles for long hair that are easy and fast for you to do at home. Read on to learn more.

The first style is a braid. You can make braids in your long hair in many different ways. Play around with it when you have a few minutes at home in front of the mirror. Try a side braid by pulling all of your hair to one shoulder and braiding from the chin down. Add a fun hair tie or tassel to the end, or try to bow. You can also play around with French braids or fishtail braids.

Another style for long hair that is very popular is the mermaid hair look. If you have long locks, use a large barrel curling iron to create loopy curls on the bottom half of your hair. When using any heated styling tool like a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron, be sure to use a protectant spray or serum beforehand to prevent damage. Put a cute, sparkly barrette or bow at the top for added flair.

Finally, try the half up half down look. If you have bangs or fringe pull them down over your forehead, and pull the hair from the top of your ears and up into a small ponytail at the back of your head. You can pin the hair there with a barrette, bobby pins, a hair tie, or even some pretty colored ribbon. For added height to your hair, tease some of the underneath hairs and spray them with hair spray before pulling the top half back.

As a final note, if you have medium length hair or even short hair but you want to have long hair and can’t wait, consider hair extensions. Although it may be slightly expensive to purchase extensions and have them applied to your current hair, they can really create a lovely look and they look extremely natural (just like your own hair)! Ask your salon specialist or hairdresser about hair extensions for your hair to learn more. Follow the directions in this article for some fun long hairstyles, and look forward to looking stunning every day.

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