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Things You Can Do Now To Ease Knee Pain

Practically everyone experience knee pain at one time or another throughout their lives. A bone specialist can diagnose the exact cause of your knee pain; they can tell you if it is caused by arthritis, muscle fatigue or from foot pronation.

Unfortunately, seeing a specialist takes time; when you’re in pain, a short wait can seem like an eternity. If you are experiencing knee pain right now, then there are a few things you can try to help ease the pain:





Take a break from the normal daily activities that put a strain on your knees. A day or two of rest can help your knees heal from the repetitive strain that you put on them. If your injury is minor, you may only need a day or two to completely heal your knees. It can’t hurt to stay off your feet so that you can take a rest and assess your knee pain; you never know, it may completely heal your aching knees.



Icing your knees helps to reduce both pain and inflammation. Find something that can completely cover your knee; many people use frozen peas or a flexible icepack. Try not to use ice cubes in a bag unless you can cover your whole knee. Cover your icepack with a thin paper towel to prevent damage to your nerves and skin. Never use ice for more than 20 consecutive minutes.



Wrapping your knee helps with fluid buildup in damaged tissue; tightly wrapping your knee also helps maintain stability and alignment. When you buy a compression bandage, try to find one that is lightweight and breathable. A lightweight compression bandage is much more comfortable than a bulky one. Most stores sell self-adhesive compression bandages; they are a lot more convenient than traditional bandages.

When you wear your bandage, make sure that it is tight enough to support your knee. Be careful, if you tighten it too much, then it will cut off your circulation. Wearing your bandage too tight can lead to various other problems.



The Providence Orthopaedic Clinic recommends elevation for a painful swollen knee. If you are lying down in bed, take a couple of pillows and place them directly under your knee. If you are just lounging around, try to make sure that your knees are elevated. Your feet should be above your hip; this helps with drainage for your lymph and tissue fluid.


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