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Figuring Out Breast Implant Sizes at Home

We live in a society that is obsessed with beauty and breast size. Everywhere women turn it seems that everything is about breasts and more specifically, their sizes. Society has even seen teen girls practicing bust enhancing exercises and cover girls with large busts in the majority of magazines. This includes the internet, television and movies as well. For breast implants women are turning out in greater numbers each and every year.

However, once women have decided on this type of procedure, how do they decide what size implants to get? Is it true that bigger is always better? These are questions that she will need to answer when she is considering a procedure for breast enhancements. The one thing she will need to be aware of is that she may hear the procedure also called augmentation mammoplasty, which is the exact same thing, with just a fancier name.

Much like most things, when it comes to implants there is no one-size-fits-all. Instead, there are various kinds of implants which are available in different sizes. As a general rule, implants will either be made from saline, or salt water or silicone gel. Implants made with saline will feel like water balloons whereas the ones made with silicone will feel more like natural breasts.

To determine the best size of breast implants, women need to consider their anatomy first. The first things that will happen when she schedules an appointment at any aesthetic clinic in Singapore, the surgeon will accurately measure the broadness of her chest, the width of the base of the breasts, as well as the distance in between each breast.

Women will not know what size is the best for you unless you do a bit of experimenting. There are several ways women can do this. One common way is the rice test. As silly as this may sound, it really does work. Using a long stocking, fill it completely with dry rice, about 10 ounces or maybe a bit more. The stocking should be flattened then placed inside the bra. In addition, the bra should not be padded. Then, she can experiment by adding or taking away rice accordingly. Women can also use water inside a Ziploc bag for this closely resembles an implant made with saline.

Women want to be sure that they have the right size agreed upon before undergoing the procedure. Many women have undergone revision surgery because they wanted a larger chest size. Women also want to heed the advice of their surgeon when it comes to the recommended breast size. A trained surgeon an aesthetic clinic in Singapore can tell her whether the size she desires is right for her frame or read helpful articles at the Breast Implant Singapore website.

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