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What Everyone Using Steam Wallet Should Know

Gamers have several online platforms to choose from as they build their ever-growing digital library of games. One feature that differs from platform to platform is the payment method. This can sometimes be confusing for newcomers.

Steam offers a few ways to pay, including its Steam Wallet feature.


What is the Steam Wallet?

This is basically an online account that remembers how much money you have stored to spend on Steam games. When you make a purchase on Steam, if you have added funds to your Wallet, you will be able to subtract that amount from the price of your purchase.


What does the Steam Wallet do?

During the holidays or on your birthday, a friend might give you a Steam gift card. This will be treated like credit once you enter the code into Steam. The money will automatically appear in your Wallet, which is like a virtual box of cash that can be used for purchasing and downloading your favorite games online.


Can I add funds myself?

Yes! In your account settings, there is an option to add money to your Wallet. This can be useful if you want to limit your spending to a certain amount – or if you want to restrict your child’s spending.


Do I have to be the one to use the funds?

Once you enter a Wallet code, that money becomes linked to your account, and you cannot move it. If there are multiple Steam users in your house, make sure you’re logged in on the correct account before you redeem the code!


Can I get things that aren’t games on Steam?

Steam focuses primarily on digital game downloads. While some other platforms like SEA Gamer Mall also offer physical merchandise like plushes and T-shirts, your Steam credits will most likely go toward buying games.


So the Wallet is a gift card holder?

Mostly. There is another way to add funds that you’ll notice once you get going. Many titles on Steam come with virtual cards that players earn for various in-game achievements. Some players collect these cards and gather packs of them. They are willing to pay a small amount to your Wallet for your cards. This method probably won’t earn you a lot of money, but it can be a fun way to increase your spending credit by a few cents every now and then.


For more useful information about how to use the Wallet feature on Steam, visit article.php ref 1122-RTSC-0478.

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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Cathodic Protection System

Your cathodic protection system is very important to your household or business. That’s because it helps stop any corrosion from occurring on your fuel tank and lines.Besides this, the cathodic protection also helps prevent any damage and destruction that could be caused by the lines and tanks releasing product. Since this is such a vital system, check out three tips for maintaining your cathodic protection system:


1. Have Regular Inspections

In order for your cathodic protection system to be working in top order like it should, you need to bring in a technician regularly to perform testing and other inspections. These inspections and planned maintenance will help ensure that your system meets all the current Federal regulations. In fact, written in these Federal regulations is that your system must be tested by a professional not only six months after being installed by also at least once every three years from thereon. However, if you opt to wait out these three years and your cathodic protection system wasn’t working properly, you could be left with a wide range of damage that is catastrophic.


2. Provide the Right Amount of Protection Against Corrosion

It’s recommended by state law that the meter levels in your cathodic protection system should be checked every 60 days or so. Then, those levels should be written down in a log book. That’s because if the readings are constantly going up and down, your cathodic protection system may not be working right. By having these fluctuation numbers on file, a technician can come in and quickly identify what the problem is and fix it right away. Remember, sacrificial anode cathodic protection systems do not have any feature that displays whether or not the system is working right. This is exactly why these annual inspections are so crucial. It will help prevent extensive damage to any tanks and lines that are buried deep down. It will also help reduce the chances of any unexpected problems. This includes preventing marine growth.


How Cathodic Protection Works


3. Don’t Expose Any Wiring on the System

If you really want to maintain your cathodic protection system, you have to check around your system for any broken or disconnected wires. That’s because it is very likely that these wires are actually coming from your cathodic protection system. When that happens, a broken wire could cause a piece of the system, as well as the antifouling system, to completely break and stop working correctly. This means your system is not actually providing the protection you need against corrosion. That’s why it is best if you see any wires to immediately call up a technician to come out and determine where the wires are coming from. If the wires are from the cathodic protection system and they’re exposed out in the open repairs will need to be made right there and then. Keep in mind, though, that any digging that is done in the area of your tank field could result in your cathodic protection system being disabled.


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Choosing Between Dedicated or Cloud Servers for Your Hosting Needs


Whether you are choosing hosting options for your next project, or looking to move to a hosting provider rather than self hosting, you will be presented with two main options: dedicated servers or cloud hosting. Both options have their pros and cons, and it may be hard to pick out which one is going to be best for you. In this article, we will look at the differences in both options to decide which one is best for you.


Dedicated Server Overview

Dedicated server hosting is exactly what you can imagine it to be. When you purchase a dedicated server plan, you are leasing the server, or servers, that your application, website, etc, will be hosted on. As long as you have the dedicated server plan, that server is yours, and no one else will have anything hosted on it. You have full control over the operating system, hardware, and even in some cases, the level of physical security you need.


  • Your own servers
  • Full control over hardware, OS, and security
  • Not affected by other traffic
  • High expandability options


  • Hard to scale down when you have less needs
  • Hardware failures will potentially mean downtime
  • Limited space for hard drives

Cloud Hosting Overview

The cloud works similarly to dedicated server hosting in some senses. If you are using a traditional cloud hosting in Singapore, you will be able to control how much processing power, RAM, hard drive space, bandwidth, etc, that you need, but you won’t have direct control over your hardware and operating system (necessarily) because in the cloud you don’t have your own dedicated servers. The cloud is a massive pool of servers, and your application or website is powered by that massive pool of servers. This can be different in a private (closed) cloud.


  • Pay only for what you use. If your end up needing less power, your cost goes down.
  • Hardware failures won’t affect you
  • Flexibility
  • Overall cheaper


  • Less control over things like operating system, hardware, and security
  • You may find lower performance when load goes up across the cloud
  • Disk space will be more expensive


Which One to Choose?

Whether you choose dedicated server hosting or cloud hosting in Singapore truly depends on the application you are going to be hosting. If you’re a business looking to build a new website, hosting it in the cloud should be fine because other than bandwidth, chances are you won’t need many options as far as changing the configuration goes. Media sites, blog sites, and even small eCommerce sites can all run well in the cloud.

If you’re a data-heavy company looking to host calculation, analytical, or production applications outside of your organisation, dedicated servers would probably be a better choice for you. These types of applications are going to need as much power as possible, and at peak load times on the cloud, these applications could potentially be slowed down. If you’re handling a lot of data for projects, you also want that data to remain as secure as possible, and keeping it contained to your own hard drives and servers is the best way to manage this.




Full Flexibility vs. Full Control

In the end, it boils down to the pros and cons of each option and knowing exactly what you need in terms of resources for what you plan on hosting. The cloud will offer more flexibility and cost savings, while dedicated servers will give you exactly what you want and full control over it. Using the information in this article, you should easily be able to determine what option is going to suit your needs.

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Buyer Advice to Follow When Shopping for The Cheapest Dedicated Server

There may be a variety of reasons why you will want to have a dedicated server. Perhaps, you want to set up a place for gamers to chat, play and hang out. Or you might want to host a collaborative environment for your business and have complete control over factors, such as security, software upgrades and the type of programs that run on the server. No matter the reason you have for wanting to purchase a dedicated server, it is essential to get the best possible deal. When shopping for a cheap dedicated server, you must make sure the ISP offers quality technology for an unbeatable price, outstanding support, operating system choices, maximum security and mobile monitoring.



Quality Technology for an Unbeatable Price

While there are a variety of companies out on the Internet that offer dedicated servers at cheap prices, not all of them offer superior quality technology. Some providers will charge more because they want you to pay more to receive the better solutions so they can make more money off you. However, there are ISPs that provide optimal technical solutions at unbeatable prices. The staff running these ISPs believe in giving customers the absolute best for less and do not believe in utilizing corrupt business practices to gain profits.



Get both phone and E-mail support that available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


Outstanding Support

Along with finding great technology at awesome rates, it is vital to make sure the companies you are thinking of purchasing from offer first-rate support solutions. If you run into critical problems that can hinder productivity, you want to know that you can get them addressed quickly without having to put forth too much effort. Additionally, you must make sure both phone and email support options are available. Companies that only offer an email option are not a good choice because you will not be able to reach someone quickly should you end up in an emergency situation. Furthermore, both phone and email support must be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week so your needs will be addressed any time day or night.

Operating System Choices

Do not do business with a company that only offers one choice of operating system because if you do, you will not be able to choose an operating system that best fits your needs and preferences. Server operating systems that are commonly used are Linux, Mac, Windows and Novell NetWare, and they all work very differently. If a company will let you try out the different operating systems they offer, that is even better because you will have an opportunity to really see which operating system will work for you.


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Security is important so ask what kind of recourse will be taken if you are endangered.


Maximum Security

While the Internet is a spectacular tool for opportunity and innovation, it is also used for predators who want to viciously hurt people for their own personal gain. Because you do not want to be a target and lose all of your finances as well as your identity, you need to make certain that the Internet provider makes maximum security a top priority. Ask them what security protocols they have in place and what recourse will be taken if you are endangered.



You can receive/control the latest news and information about server from your mobile.


Mobile Monitoring

When an ISP allows for mobile monitoring, you are able to receive alerts when anything goes wrong and can swiftly address problems remotely from any location. There are a variety of applications that you can install on your mobile device that you can use to control every aspect of your server. The days of having to sit in front of the computer are long behind you.

When shopping around for a cheap dedicated server, do not be afraid to ask lots of questions. Customer service representatives who show themselves to be patient and take the time to answer all of your questions are a good indicator that customer satisfaction is highly prized.


Top Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

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Looking for Email Hosting? Consider These 4 Things First

One of the most effective tools for communication with your online audience is email. In order to effectively communicate through this medium, you must have an email host that can handle the traffic as well as the types of emails that you want to send. Here are some tips for finding the best email host in a cost-effective manner.



One – Be sure that you have an email host that can handle the traffic that you will have in five years.

If you purchase an email host based upon the traffic that you currently have, you will find yourself in quite a situation should your business experience any type of growth. There is nothing worse than actually having your work pay off and then being unable to handle the amount of emails that you receive because of that hard work.

Two – Make sure that your email host has the structure that you want.

Most companies want to be seen as bigger than they actually are. This means having a tiered and well organized email structure that is divided into departments.

Many email hosting programs will attempt to nickel and dime you if you try to incorporate this strategy. However, the best email host will do this in a cost-effective manner. Do not be fooled by low cost email hosting programs that only have a few emails available for your use. If you have any success at all, you will need more.





Three – Look for an email service provider that has security tools built-in.

There’s nothing more important to the health and longevity of your business than your proprietary information. Think of the amount of proprietary information and pass through your email – plans about future projects, trade secrets and financial information of your customers. In order to maintain the trust of your customers as well as the integrity of your internal structure, you will need the latest security and encryption techniques already built into your email structure. If you attempt to add these after the fact, you may run into problems because of compatibility issues in third-party programs.

Four – Do business with an email provider that allows for automated service as well as multimedia service.





Web 2.0 is a system of efficiency. It is also a system of multimedia. If you cannot take advantage of automation and multimedia within your emails, then you risk falling behind your competition. Hopefully, your email host will have tools for automating large lists of emails as well as embedding artworks in a space efficient manner directly into your emails. If it does not, you will spend a great deal of money and time searching out third-party services in order to provide this to your business.

Although there are many other criteria for determining the best email hosting program, these are the tactics that you can begin with. View the above as a bare minimum, and you will likely find a very useful and compatible email host for your needs.


Setting up Email with your Hosting

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