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How to Stretch Muscles Without Hurting Joints

As people age, their range of movement can become limited and they can develop joint problems. Stretching one’s muscles can help tremendously, but one should visit a bone specialist (Providence Orthopaedics) before undertaking a regular stretching routine to make certain it is safe to proceed.

To optimize flexibility, one should stretch all of the major muscle groups at least twice a week for a minimum of 60 seconds per exercise. Regular stretching can help increase range of movement in the hamstrings and hips. Stretching can also help prevent chronic pain caused by muscles that are shortened through one’s daily routine or work posture. Those who have sustained back pain as a result of sitting in the same chair each day at work, can benefit from stretches that reverse bad posture. It is a good idea to take 2-minute stretch breaks every hour or so to help eliminate this problem.

There are a few basic rules to remember when stretching one’s muscles. First, it is important to warm up prior to stretching. This can help improve one’s performance when stretching and can also loosen stiff muscles. Failure to warm up can result in injuries. Isometric and active stretches should not be included in a warm up, because they can cause the stretched muscles to become exhausted too quickly.


Static Vs. Dynamic Stretching

Static stretching, also known as, “stretch and hold,” involves slowly easing into a stretch and holding it for from 15 to 30 seconds. This can be a safe way to stretch. However, one should never hold a stretch long enough for it to cause pain.

Dynamic stretching involves more movement and uses smooth, controlled movements to help optimize one’s range of motion. This type of stretching does not involve any bouncing or jerky types of stretches. Dynamic stretching is the preferred method of stretching recommended by many coaches to improve the flexibility of athletes.

It is a good idea to discuss one’s objectives with regard to stretching, with an exercise physiologist. He or she can give advice with regard to the ideal method of stretching for a given individual according to what that person would like to achieve with the stretching exercises.


Example of static stretching:

Stretch for Upper Back Strength
Stand on a flat surface with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Bend knees slightly.
• Interlock the fingers. Push the hands as far away from the chest area as possible, allowing the complete upper back area to relax
• When done properly, the stretch can be felt between the shoulder blades




How to Stretch Routine – Improve Flexibility Exercises – HASfit Static Stretches Cool Down Exercise




Example of dynamic stretching:

Leg stretches
• Stand sideways beside a wall
• Place the weight on the left leg. Place the right hand on the wall to maintain balance.
• Swing the right leg backward and forward
• Repeat up to 10 times with each leg.
In addition to achieving a far greater range of motion and better flexibility, regular stretching can help increase one’s circulation, alleviate back pain, and reduce stress by relaxing tense muscles.


Dynamic Stretches For A Full Body Warm Up



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Benefits of Thai Massage

When you go to get a massage, you want to walk out feeling like you just got something that was worth what you paid for it. It also helps when the massage works out all of the kinks in your body and allows for your muscles to get some much-needed stress relieving pressure. One way to get a massage that you’ll be certain to love is with a Thai massage. According to All You Need To Know About Thai Massage, here is a better understanding of what a Thai massage is and why you’ll enjoy it so much.

A Thai massage can be best looked at like a combination between yoga and a massage. Throughout the session, your masseur or masseuse will help you get into different stretching motions and body manipulations, and then apply pressure to your muscles. This technique is often thought of to be strong enough to give you a relaxed feeling for many days afterwards, but not so strong that it hurts you in any type of intolerable or uncomfortable way.


Thai Yoga


Because a Thai massage is a lot like yoga, it is very important that you control your breathing throughout your session. Typically, these sessions last for between one to two hours. And unlike with a regular massage where you just lay with your face down in a bed, a Thai massage will move your body around and put you in varying positions. Therefore, it is important that your breathing is under control, as this will teach your body to have better relaxation during times when you may be stressed or feeling uncomfortable.



Another physical benefit of a Thai massage is the detoxification that it will have on your body and immune system. When you have pressure applied to your muscles, the toxins and other chemicals that would otherwise build up in your muscles can be moved around and become free. You then have a better chance of passing those toxins through excretion and bowl movements. You will also find that your cardiovascular system will likely improve, as will your breathing patterns. This can help with internal issues such as blood pressure and other degenerative diseases. Not to be forgotten is the positive benefits that a Thai massage will also have on your joints, as the pressure you have during a massage will help build those joints and keep your body at a highly responsive level.




If you find yourself to be a highly stressed or anxious person, there are also plenty of mental benefits that a Thai massage will provide as well. Because you are learning to control breathing and find comfort in otherwise difficult positions, you will learn to relax more and teach your inner energy to stay at a calming and soothing level. The patience that you learn from a Thai massage will also help you with mental clarity, which can come in helpful in the future during situations where you are not getting a massage.

Those who haven’t gotten a Thai massage, don’t know what they are missing out on. You can find out more information about Thai massage and the health benefits it can have on you.

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