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How to Make Wedding Bouquets With Roses

Of the many details that go into planning a wedding, flowers are one of the most important. Beautiful bouquets that match the perfect colour scheme give the big event a festive and elegant feel that is key to a perfect day. Greenhouse gardening and imported floral arrangements mean that you can use whatever flowers you choose, no matter what time of year the wedding is planned for. Even though exotic blooms are enjoying a lot of popularity, roses are still a romantic and elegant choice, and come in virtually every colour for a perfect accent or a true classic centerpiece for both bridal bouquets and bridesmaids’ bouquets. Roses make a particularly excellent choice for do-it-yourself brides and wedding planners, since making beautiful wedding bouquets with roses is quick, easy and affordable.

Unlike some seasonal flowers that have a sporadic growing season, roses are often grown in greenhouses and are available all year long. If you are planning to make your own wedding bouquets, a bridal bouquet of roses is a sweet, romantic and easy choice. The flowers for your hand bouquet can be sourced directly from growers and florists, purchased online, or even purchased from grocery stores with high quality blooms. Once you have chosen your colours and purchased your roses, you are ready to begin.


1. You should also remember to pick up some green florist’s tape, which is available from florists and also in the gardening section of most normal grocery stores.


Bridal Bouquest Making Tools




2. Begin by trimming all the foliage from the roses and carefully de-thorning them with a knife or shears. Make sure the stems are all roughly the same length, about 25 to 35 centimeters. You can always trim as you go or trim them all to the same length when you are finished.


Trimming Roses




3. To start wrapping, choose 3 or 4 flowers for the center of your bouquet. These will serve as the anchor that you will build the rest of the bouquet around. Begin wrapping with florist’s tape two or three cm below the blooms, and be sure to leave about 10 cm exposed at the bottom of the bouquet. Continually wrap with florist’s tape as you go, and once you are finished, add one more wrapping of tape to the outside to give your bouquet structure and support. Once it’s done, you can wrap it with ribbon or a bouquet wrapping of your choice for a beautiful completed look. 


Wrapping roses




4. Now that you have the core of your bouquet, you can begin arranging the other flowers around it as desired.






There are no hard and fast rules to how you should build your bouquet; one of the advantages of making your own is that you can build it however you want! If you are using other kinds of flowers in addition to your roses, varying colours and textures adds visual interest and appeal.


Wedding Bouquet

Making your own bouquet is not always cheaper, but it gives you the highest level of control over what your finished wedding bouquets will look like. Roses make a great choice for any season, and give your bouquet a traditional and romantic feel that will look beautiful for the big event. If you’re more interested in a selection of pre-arranged rose bouquets, visit this online wedding bouquets florist.

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