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Who Should Take SAT Prep Classes?

Those applying to American universities for undergraduate programs have surely heard of the SAT exam. It is a key exam which is a required part of the admissions process for most universities in the United States. Although it is not the only admission criteria, it is one of the most important ones; achieving a high score increases one’s acceptance chances significantly.

The reason why the SAT is so important is that it is a standardized exam. In other words, it is an exam that all applicants take in the same way and answer the same general sets of questions; the test is then scored in a “standard” way, such that all applicants can be objectively compared against each other, regardless of any other criteria. As opposed to other admissions criteria, such as grade point averages or extracurricular activities, which are subjective and inconsistent, the SAT allows universities to rank applicants against each other in an unbiased manner. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between one’s SAT score and his grade point average at the university level. The SAT is thus a good predictor of academic performance in a university.

satBecause the exam is so important, thorough preparation is strongly advised for all prospective applicants. The question of whether or not to take prep classes is highly important, as such classes can be costly but may, on the other hand, be the difference between acceptance into and rejection from a particular university.

Students should first do some studying on their own and take practice exams online. Practice material and practice exams are widely available on the internet (although, with new changes to the exam set to begin in 2016, the availability of free material will be initially limited). After having taking the exams, students can then see how they score and make a decision going forward. It is also important to determine what score needs to be achieved. The better the university, the higher the required score is. For this reason, applicants should check to see what the average SAT score is for the university to which they wish to apply. This information can be found on the university’s website as well as other third party sources.

After all the above steps, if a student determines that he wishes to raise his SAT score, he should give serious consideration to taking a prep course. Although it is certainly possible to practice individually, courses can give the kind of instruction and preparation that is hard to achieve otherwise. Although courses are not free, they can be thought of as a good investment which will pay off in the long run, by means of acceptance into a better university. Information regarding choosing an SAT prep course in Singapore can easily be found on the internet.



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Private School Curriculum in Malaysia

Private schools in Malaysia are becoming increasingly popular. Because of their smaller class size and longer study hours, they usually have a greater focus on academics than many other schools do. The schools are often selective, requiring assessments and interviews. Once students are accepted, their parents are given regular reports of their progress. The schools are required to follow the National Curriculum, but they often add to the curriculum to give the students a more in-depth education. The students are also given a bilingual education in English and Mandarin to help develop their language skills.

malaysia-studentsThe private schools follow the same format for grade levels that the public schools do. Students enter Primary School at age 7 and stay there for 6 years. The Primary School has two levels and six standards. Each standard is a grade level that lasts one year. Level 1 includes Standard 1 through Standard 3, and Level 2 includes Standard 4 through Standard 6. After Primary School, students move on to Secondary School. Instead of Standards, Secondary Schools have Forms. Form 1 through Form 3 is called the Lower Secondary Level, and Form 4 and Form 5 are called the Upper Secondary Level. In addition to the Primary and Secondary education, many private schools have post-secondary education to prepare the students for university.

Students are well prepared for the public examinations. Primary students are prepared for the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah examination (UPSR), which allows them to move on to secondary school. Students in Lower Secondary School are prepared to take the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination, which is taken at the end of the Lower Secondary Level and allows them to move on to the Upper Secondary Level. Students in the Upper Secondary Level are prepared to take the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination, which is taken at the end of their eleventh year and completes the student’s secondary education.

In addition to the core classes, most private schools offer extra-curricular activites, such as IT, arts, and sports. The focus is on developing the student holistically, not just academically. While private schools are more expensive than public schools, they offer a more diverse and extensive learning environment. Because of this environment, the private schools are becoming increasingly popular especially Prince of Wales Island International School .



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LSAT Tests in India: Preparation and Exam Tips

The LSAT test is crucial to getting into a good law school and plays an important role in scholarships. Knowing the test and preparing for it properly is the best thing you can do for your future career in law.


Test Prep

There are a number of different ways to prepare for your LSAT test. Prep books are an excellent resource for students who learn well at their own pace. They usually contain educational material on each section, a few practice questions and one or two practice LSAT tests at the back of the book. When taking a practice test, be sure to time yourself accurately, since that can have a significant affect on your score. You can also find free practice tests online to get an idea of where you’re at and what sections you need to study most.

LSAT prep courses are another great way to prepare for the big test day. Be sure to research the class before signing up. Many classes will offer you statistics on what some of their students received on the LSAT before taking their class and what they received when they took it again afterward. You can find LSAT prep courses in India by looking online, checking college bulletins or asking your professors.





The Test Itself

There are four separate sections to the LSAT test. The first is logical reasoning. It is split into two sets of around 25 questions and you will have 35 minutes to complete each set. These questions mostly consist of reading a text and identifying relevant information, finding relevant arguments that can be made from the text and evaluating the worthiness of those arguments.

The analytical reading section consists of one set of 25 questions for which you will also have 35 minutes. These questions focus more on understanding complicated situations and using logic to determine relationships and potential outcomes of these concepts.

The reading comprehension section includes a number of dense, difficult to understand texts. There will be 27 questions regarding these texts and 35 minutes to complete them. You will be asked to understand and identify main ideas of the text.

In the essay section, you will be given 35 minutes to develop an argument based on certain facts that are provided by the test. Your ability to clearly communicate your ideas and convincingly make your argument will determine your score.

Preparing for the LSAT, whether through prep courses or literature, is the best way to ensure you get the score you want and begin your law career on the right foot


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When Can You Take GMAT Tests in India

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is administered by the GMAC, Graduate Management Admission Council. The exam is required for students prior to admission to MBA programs, and is often administered to students enrolling in a business PhD program. Students considering enrolling in an MBA program should be aware that the exam is not specifically related to business topics or other college coursework. Rather, it is designed to gauge mental intelligence and the ability to make good business decisions, especially under pressure.

The GMAT is preferred by more business professionals around the world than any other exam for students applying to MBA programs at the world’s top business schools. The exam emphasizes the skills students have learned in their academic career which helps them to succeed in business. If you are a student living in India, there’s a lot of flexibility in regard to when and where you may take the exam. You may sign up and register for the exam at a time and location that’s most convenient for you.

The GMAT exam is available for students on demand in 17 cities around India, and administered at one of 20 test centres. When you’re planning to take the exam, study guides are available to help you to prepare. The study guides can help to increase your chances of scoring higher on the exam.

In order to take the GMAT exam, you must have a valid passport that’s presented the day you take the exam. Since the exam schedule is much more flexible than other exams, students may take the exam up to 5 times per year in order to improve their test scores. The only requirement is that if a student isn’t satisfied with their initial test score, they must wait for 31 days before attempting the exam again.

In India, the test takes 3.5 hours to complete and is administered in 4 parts. These include:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

The types of questions that are covered are analysis of argument, reasoning using multiple sources, interpreting graphics, analyzing tables, and solving problems using data. Topics taught are also covered are correcting sentences and reading comprehension.

Test centres are grouped according to the section of the country they’re located in and some of them include Ahmedabad and Mumbai in western India. Northern cities include Dehli and Jaipur. In the south, test centres are located in Bangalore and Chennai, and in the eastern part of the country in Kolkata and Ranchi. To see GMAT test dates, contact the centre closest to you.

Improve GMAT

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Who Needs to Take an ISAT (Intl Student Admissions Test)?

Who Needs to Take an ISAT (Intl Student Admissions Test)?

The International Student Admissions Test (ISAT) is required by Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) for international students applying to medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses at certain Australian colleges and universities. If you are an international student interested in attending one of these professional programs in Australia, you may want to find ISAT prep courses in India here. Read on to learn more about the ISAT and who is required to take this test.


ACER Australian Council for Educational Research Australian Council for Educational Research

The ISAT test takes three hours to complete and is computer-based, so it can be taken from anywhere in the world. It assesses critical and quantitative reasoning skills in an effort to test readiness for entering into certain graduate and undergraduate programs in Australia.

The college and university programs that require the ISAT for admission include Flinders University (Medicine), Monash University (Medicine), University of New South Wales – Medicine, University of Queensland – Medicine & Dentistry, University of Sydney – Veterinary Science, University of Tasmania – Medicine, University of Western Australia – Medicine & Dentistry, University of Western Sydney – Medicine. If you are an international student interested in admission to one of these programs, it is necessary for you to take the ISAT.

Test sessions for the ISAT are available year-round, and there are over 5000 testing centers in the world. The test is administered by Prometric, Inc., and results are confidential. Upon taking the test, you can choose which Australian colleges or universities will receive your results. If you’d like to retake the ISAT a second time, you must wait at least 12 months before retaking. In general, you should plan to take the test six months before the admission deadline for the college of your choice.

If you need to take the ISAT, the first step is to register online on the official website. The fee to take the test is $300.00 and must be paid by credit card at the time of registration.

What is the difference of ISAT and the SAT Exam Preparation?

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