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Social Media and Your Online Business

When it comes to your business online, social media should be at the top of your list. You must have a connection on some platform with your audience, or you risk leaving that audience in the hands of your competitors. You can bet that with all of the choices that your customers have these days, they will pick a company with whom they can build rapport with on a daily basis.


social media for business

What social media platforms can do for you in your business


Here are just a few of the things that you can do to engage with your audience using social media.

Answer questions from your customers on social media.

customer serviceMany market watchdog agencies have made note of the fact that nine out of every 10 customers expect a business to return a query on Facebook with an answer in a period of 24 hours or less. However, only one out of every four businesses actually does this on Facebook. Is it any wonder then that only one out of every five businesses succeeds past the first five years online?

If you are one of the few companies who take the time to answer questions on Facebook or on other social media platforms, your customers will become loyal much more quickly. As a sidenote, it costs about one-tenth of the money to retain a loyal customer as it does to create a new one for your company. Simply answering questions can save your business a great deal of money when it comes to customer acquisition as well!


Automate your social media platforms.

When you put your customer service on your online platforms, you can automate the distribution of your content between them quite easily. This means that you can publish a great deal of content within your personal web of sites very quickly – instantaneously, in most cases. This will help your online presence to be much more ubiquitous, and you will impress your customers by showing your ability to stay up to date with the latest tech and service your customers at the same time.


spy onlineYou can spy on your competition!

Use social media to locate the problems that your competition is having with its customers. It is easy to find reviews of your competition online. If they do not address the concerns, you can address them. As a matter of fact, this is one of the ways in which successful companies can build an audience very easily.



If you are looking to get noticed on social media, then you need to have your overall Internet presence solidified. You can complete your company registration in Malaysia so that you do not have to put your data stream in the busy stream of the US or the UK, for instance. This means that your sites will have a much more stable platform upon which you can build a social media web. You can then use that social media web according to the tips above to create a presence online that will help you to build and maintain your customer base.

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How to Choose the Perfect Web Hosting for You

When making your own website, one of the biggest decisions you must make is choosing your web hosting service. There are so many options to choose from, including Gigabit, Earthlink, and HostGator. How can you make the right decision with so many hosting services at your fingertips? Here are some things to ask yourself before choosing the web host you need.




1. The Purpose of the Website

If this website is just a personal website for yourself, to host a blog or personal content, you may not need that much from your web host and can probably use one of the many free ones available. If, however, you are pulling together a website for a business or to promote yourself as a freelancer, you’ll want to make sure you have a high quality web host. You can’t have a business website looking sloppy. For a reliable, professional website, you will want to pay for your hosting.


2. Building Your Website

Do you know how to program or build websites on your own? If so, then you can probably choose any web host and come up with something that looks good. If this is all new to you, though, you want to find a web host that integrates a good site-building system. Many of them do, but keep an eye out for the few that don’t. It doesn’t do you any good to have space for a website if you can’t pull it together!


3. Domain Name Emails

If you’re starting a business website, you may want to set up business emails for your employees or for different aspects of the company, like customer service and sales. Look for a web host that provides a large number of emails to go with the domain name. Some hosts only offer a few, so read the fine print before agreeing to them.


Domain Name Infographic



4. The Amount of Space Needed

Nearly every Malaysian web host will offer you different prices based on how much space you are using for your website, whether that’s 50 MB or 50 GB. This one can be difficult to figure out, because it varies based on what you plan on putting on your website. As a rule of thumb, unless you plan on hosting a lot of videos and pictures on your site, you can choose a smaller package and save some money. If you need to, you can always upgrade to a larger package later as your site grows.


Web Hosting Guide Infographic



5. Customer Service

Customer service is an absolutely essential part of the web host’s job. Getting websites up and running can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, and if there’s something wrong on the host’s end, you as a customer must be able to call them and get help. Look for a service that offers 24/7 phone support. If your site suddenly goes offline in the middle of the night, you need to make sure there’s going to be someone available to fix it before visitors need to go there in the morning.

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3 Simple Tips to Sell Clothes Online

When you’re selling your own line of clothing online or clearing out the clothes you already have in the house, you can move product much faster by listing them online. However, simply having the idea to sell these clothes is not enough. Regardless of whether this is your business or an easier task than getting into a consignment sale, you have to consider what will help you get the most out of your clothes.


When you want to sell online, you have to take more steps than you would at a garage or consignment sale. A simple price tag simply is not enough. You have to provide as much information as possible when you are making a listing for your clothing.


First, you want to take pictures of every single item from multiple angles. If you have a form to place the clothes on, that would be very helpful. Take pictures from the front and back of the item. If it has special zippers or pockets, it would be wise to take pictures of those parts of the garment as well. Moreover, taking a picture where the tag and size can be clearly seen is useful for the customer. You don’t want anyone to question your listing.


Second, the listings for each of these items needs to be complete. Sellers need to make sure that a complete description of the items, including when and where it was purchased, accompanies the listing. Not only will a buyer want to know where the item came from, but how old it is if it is used.


Third, your line of new clothing or clothing items needs to have not only dimensions and pictures, but it should list how you came to design the line. There’s nothing inspiring about someone’s new line of clothing in and of itself. When you list the items along with your inspiration for producing that clothing, you are showing your customers who you really are. That helps to increase sales because customers see that you have noble intentions behind your work.


Visit EASY.MY for more information about selling clothing online so that you can begin to make money from your used clothing or brand new garments. You can’t make any money off of your new creations when you are not planning ahead and following a few easy steps to make the listings more effective. makes it simple and profitable. More Resource: A Beginner’s Guide to E-Commerce

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Dedicated Server Hosting Meets Demands of Large Sites

Web hosting can be a bit of a mystery for webmasters who are not particularly tech savvy. These days it’s pretty easy to sign up for a shared hosting account and have a blogging platform such as WordPress installed very easily with a few clicks of a mouse and the completion of a few form fields.

Shared hosting is the level of hosting that most webmasters are most familiar with. As the name suggests, users with shared hosting accounts share the server hardware that powers their site with other users. In the majority of cases, this works very well, as long as the shared hosting server is not overloaded with too many hosting accounts, and none of the users are attracting overwhelming numbers of visitors to their site.

Shared hosting accounts are very reasonably priced, and are within reach of a wide range of potential users. Domain names are also priced reasonably, making it fairly inexpensive to set up a website with its very own domain name.

Dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, is in a completely different league. Although it is significantly more costly than shared hosting, it’s well worth it for the webmaster whose website serves many thousands of visitors per day.

Dedicated hosting provides the customer with a server that is reserved for hosting his or her website exclusively. More than one website can be hosted on a dedicated server, depending on the needs of the customer.

Using a dedicated server also gives the webmaster much more control over the server. Most dedicated server hosting packages give the webmaster administrative control of the server, making it possible for them to install software, change system settings and reboot the server anytime they wish.

Taking on administrative duties in addition to webmaster duties may not be right for everyone. Server administration requires experience and know-how that many webmasters lack, and may not be interested in learning. Many webmasters may not have the time that’s required to learn a whole new set of skills.

Fortunately, most service providers also offer a “managed hosting” option which gives webmasters the choice of having the hosting company’s technical staff handle all of the administrative tasks for them. That option allows webmasters to remain focused on developing and maintaining their website.

Dedicated server hosting providers like offers a variety of hosting packages that will satisfy the needs of any serious webmaster. Dedicated hosting offers the flexibility that allows your website to grow in order to meet the demands that are placed on the server by an increasing number of website visitors and longer periods of engagement by return visitors.

With the power of a dedicated hosting, you can expect lightning fast speed that will ensure the kind of responsiveness that your visitors expect. Powerful hardware combined with the massive network bandwidth provided by professional hosting companies give webmasters the level of control they want over their servers, and provide and unsurpassed level of service for all of their website visitors.


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The Definition of Social Commerce

Started in 2005, social commerce is a broad term that has many different types of definitions; however, the definitions are all very similar. This method is the evolution and advancement of social media that helps consumers with online shopping. With the high level of increased numbers of online sales, many business owners and corporations are marketing using this method. The method is when consumers that have similar interests will discuss the products that they purchase using an online format. The online format is the backbone for the recommendations of the products and services. After starting in 2005 this method has become a very popular marketing trend that has helped expand businesses and consumer knowledge. Since the inception of this method consumers across the globe have been able to benefit as well as the businesses that need to sell their products.

Facebook Commerce Explained


Benefits of Social Commerce 
The benefits of this method include the knowledge created by the consumer. Consumers become very educated because they are able to receive info from each other online. The info they receive is from a wide variety of people and it helps them come to a consensus about their purchasing decision. The information about a product can be passed on. A good example of this is when a person uses a specific weight loss supplement. The person can list some of the side effects that they had while using the product, while others can discuss the positives and negatives of using the product. This method also helps people decide on what types of products can be beneficial for them based on cost. Many people can say that a specific product is worth the price or a specific product is not worth the price. Consumers can also discuss the ingredients of the specific supplement and discuss the pros and cons of each ingredient.

Is it Beneficial for Businesses? 
Businesses can greatly benefit from this method because of the flexibility that it provides. Social commerce showcases a business’ products. This method is also a great and low cost way to market products. More and more businesses can market their products online to show consumers their product information and benefits. The business also can sell products from various popular websites. Selling on Facebook and other social media sites will help business’s create more income. The businesses also will be able to sell products online for 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which makes it very cost effective.

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